Getting Greasy in Greece – Part 1 

Where do I start? Greece was a roller coaster ride full of climbs, drops, gyros, and unexpected turns… But man was it a roller coaster ride that I never wanted to end.

After an overnight stopover in Milan, I arrived in Athens Thursday June 9th at 3:30. My plan was to head straight to the port to catch the ferry to Mykonos, but the damn bus took 2 hours to get into town. Here was my first of many ‘Unexpected turns’ in Greece. This one was small, as I just decided to stay in Athens for the night. I made the best of it by having some traditional Greek food.


^Beef Kefta with yogurt, salsa, and spices on top of a grilled pita.

The next morning at 7am I took off on the Bluelines Ferry to Ios (I decided on two days in Ios, instead of going to Mykonos for one night). After a dreadful 7 hours I arrived in Ios, or as I like to call it, Never Never Land…


Remember the story of Peter Pan, and Never Never Land – the place where you never have to grow up. Well it actually exists, and it’s called Ios. Forget about adulting because everyone that lives here parties 24/7 and the fun never stops… Let me explain.


The first night, around 3am I’m talking to two girls from Portugal. We had met up earlier in the day, and managed to link up at the same bar. They introduce me to their Aussie friend who lives on the island… Didn’t think much of it at the time.

The next day I’m (dying) on the beach. It’s about 2pm, and 35 degrees of hot sun beaming down on me. I’m suffering from my first night in Ios, and this heat was not helping me out. So here I am, struggling to stay alive, and low and behold the Aussie from last night runs past me towards the water. He has a crew of 5 people walking behind him. Turns out he’s running the scuba diving excursion for the day… This guy literally parties all night, wakes up at noon to go scuba diving all day, and does it all again the next night

– the fun never stops #Neverneverland

So bringing it back to me. I stayed at a hostel called Francesco’s for both nights. Can’t recommend it enough. Awesome staff, clean rooms, and a view overlooking the port side of Ios. My first night in Ios was also the first night of the Euro Cup… always a great way to bring people together. In this particular occasion I met, a soon to be good friend, Leonardo. We did our best that night trying to pick up the ladies of Ios, but sometimes (most times for me) it’s a swing and a miss!


To summarise, if you’re planning a trip to Greece, make some time to do some partying in Ios. Unfortunately the day parties (at FarOut hostel) hadn’t started yet, but they start at the end of June and go until the end of August… plan your trip accordingly.


Onwards I say! To the next destination – SANTORINI!

The island of romance… err something like that. I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this one because (one) I was there for less than 24 hours, and (two) Santorini is a place you have to see to really understand the beauty of it. It was a great ‘rest’ day for me from partying, and I really got to enjoy the ‘Santorini sunset’ and the Red Sand beach the next day.

The two islands of Greece I went to were awesome… but little did I know that the real adventure was just about to begin…





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  1. Filomena says:

    What?!!!! You are leaving me hanging here what was next lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tyler Giles says:

      hahaha that’s what a good writer is supposed to do right? Mission accomplished! Part 2 coming soon!


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