Nike, Nizza, Nice

I’ve heard that love is the hardest emotion to describe. It defies logic, and doesn’t follow any rules. There’s no defining characteristics and it differs from one person to the next. So How do you really know you’re in love?

“You just know,” is what I hear a lot.

I’ve never been in love with someone, but I think I might be in love with Nice. Why? I really couldn’t tell you, but I’ll do my best to explain…

Nice is a little city, on the south coast of France. It has a beautiful boardwalk spanning the entire pebble covered beach leading into the Mediterranean.

It’s Italian history is evident as you walk through Old Town, where you can see the Italian influence in the buildings, and the food.

If you follow the uphill path through old town, you’ll eventually find your way to the top of the cliff overlooking Nice. My favourite part about this cliff is that there is a 150 year old man-made waterfall at the top.

There’s many beautiful things about Nice, but it’s the vibe and culture that really captures me. It’s a beach town, and a scenic town all in one. It holds a combination of old architecture, complimented by surrounding new architecture. It has that small town feel, but with big city attractions and structure. It takes all the good things from the Italian culture, and combines it with the good things from the French culture. Nice was actually (reluctantly) gifted to France in 1860 by Italy, to say thank you for helping them to defend against the Austrians.

I could go on about the many things I love about Nice, but there’s really only one reoccurring feeling that comes to me…

Every time I’m in Nice I think about staying there, finding a beautiful French girl, and making a nice little life for myself in the south of France – it’s the only place in Europe I feel this way about (so far).

But enough about love… My two days in Nice were quiet, but fun. It was only a couple minutes after stepping into my hostel room that I hear, “You want a beer?” Turns out this guy, Brandon, lives in Toronto and we have some mutual friends. That’s the funny part about travelling. You go half way around the world to meet people from the same city, or sometimes even the same neighbourhood as you…

So we tackled the rest of the day head on, with a combination of food and booze. Shared some stories with the two Kiwi’s and two Mexican dudes in our dorm, before topping it off with a shot of tequila.

The next day I took things back down to a solo mission to explore the city. Oh and I forgot to mention Euro Cup was starting in 2 days… So they had some really cool setups in Nice for the tournament.

After a few pictures in town, I walked up to Castle Hill and met some nice Swedish girls.

Then I caught a couple photos of the port,Before returning to old town. 

Safe to say I’ll be coming back to this gem of a place sometime in the near future. But for now #Ontothenextone #Arriverderci


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