Easy Pisa

Do I, or do I not get McDonalds? That is the question… I arrive in Pisa, at 3pm. After a rainy train ride, the sun is finally starting to peak out. I contemplate McDonald’s for another 5 minutes or so, before I decided to hold off and head to my hostel first.
10 minutes later I walk into my hostel Easy Pisa (name of the hostel). I meet the man running the show, Gilberto, and he directs me to a few local eateries in the area. He hands me a paper bag containing a croissant, crackers, and an apricot juice box (hype – free breaky for tomorrow).

So I’ve made this about as interesting as I could, because it turns out there’s really only one thing to see in Pisa #leaningtower

I hangout by the tower for an hour, taking in all the beauty, and goofy poses, while making a few snapchat stories of my own.

If you laughed hysterically after watching these, please FB me so we can be besties. For the other 99% who don’t appreciate the humour of the leaning tower with ‘Lean Back’ or ‘Lean On’ playing in the background… I’m sorry for wasting 20 seconds of your life.

The rest of my day was spent hanging out with a girl from Rochester, whose finishing her postgrad in #lazers… And yes, she has the same views on American politics as everyone else in the world #anyonebuttrump

Onto Cinque Terre!


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