Sippin on Gin Juice 

*if you don’t feel like reading, skip to the videolink at the bottom ;)*

It’s day 2 as I wake up, and it’s December 31st – New Year’s Eve! Apparently New Year’s Eve in Naples is an all day event. So Marco and I meet up with some friends of his, in the streets of Bagnoli. We start drinking some sparkling wine in the afternoon (turns out one of them owns a wine shop). At this point I don’t know a drop of Italian, so I’m just standing there sippin’ wine. 3 glasses later, I’ve got a bit of a buzz, and I’m starting to have a great time. 10 minutes later, cue this photo:

So after this, we go home to take a nap, and then get ready for a night of drinking and eating (Italian New Years of course includes food). 

It’s a warm New Year’s Eve, about 15 degrees, as we’re walking along the sea line to Bersagliera, a fancy seafood restaurant beside the sea. Sounds like a great start to the night, but I start to get this overwhelming feeling of discomfort. 

We sit down and at this point I’m so uncomfortable, I’m starting to feel nauseous. I’m praying that the first dish they bring out is a nice simple pasta or some tomatoes and mozzarella… And of course it’s a seafood antipasta made up of octopus, giant shrimp, and some other fish I’ve never seen before. Well, safe to say I couldn’t touch a bite of that!

So (and here’s tip number one) I start drinking some sparkling wine. A few drinks later, and start to loosen up. I munch through the Champagne risotto, scarf down the lobster pasta, and then finish it off with the sea bass and fried cod fish. For dessert, a lemon sorbet and (tip number two) a cafe. 

Safe to say this was the best New Year’s of my life! Dinner and music was followed by Champagne popping and fireworks at midnight, and then more fireworks at 1am from the top of Castle dell’Ovo (the Castle on the sea). All it took for me to loosen up was a little bit of vino, and a cafe to keep the night going strong. I had found my Gin & Juice. 

I quickly realized that, for me, drinking a cafe with breakfast, or a glass of wine with lunch and dinner really helped me to loosen up and become more comfortable in an unknown environment. 

For me it’s coffee or wine. For some, it’s tea. For others it’s a smoke or a joint (or drug of your choice).

Now I’m not saying to become a coffee addict, drug addict, or an alcoholic (I actually drink way less in Italy then I did in Canada). I’m saying that we all have our way of feeling comfortable in an uncomfortable environment – a way to ease the nerves so to speak. Now I know there’s the few of you who are saying “I don’t drink, smoke, so drugs, and I hate coffee.” Well don’t worry my friend, because I know as your saying that your sippin on a nice cup of Coke. You’re a pop fiend, and it’s okay because pop has caffeine in it 😉 

And if to that you say “Well I don’t drink pop either,” then you are what’s called a unicorn, and we will be looking to capture you for study. Either that or you’re super tense, stuck up, and likely a vegan or gluten intolerant #meatatarian 

And to that I leave you with this video of my first few days in Naples: 

This Is My Year


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