The Decision

It was the middle of August. I was sitting on a rooftop patio with my boss on a beautiful Friday afternoon in Toronto. The week before, I had just put together my two most successful events in my (very short) career.

My boss had just said something along the lines of ‘I’m going to talk to the partners of the company about offering you a full-time position when your contract is up.’

I had finally reached the point in my career that I had been striving for over the last two years. For a brief moment, I felt like I was on top of the world. But that feeling left almost as quick as it came, as it made the next words out of my mouth much more difficult to say.

“I’ve decided to take a new direction with my life. After my contract is finished, I will be moving to Italy.”

It was the first time I said it out loud. It was the first time it actually felt real. After my contract was finished, I would be quitting my job (we’ll say mutually parted ways as there were no hard feelings in this). The truth is, I had made this decision almost 6 weeks prior to having this conversation. Even further, I had been thinking about making this decision for almost 1 year before that. I loved my city, I loved the people I was working with, but I didn’t love what I was doing.

It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make in my life, and that’s why I’m choosing to share my experience with you. I’m not saying you need to quit your job and travel the word. I’m not even saying you need to make a drastic change in your life. I’m saying to put your thoughts into action. It’s easy to dream and imagine different scenarios, ideas, and changes in your life, but until you actually put those thoughts into action, you haven’t really committed to anything. The more important the decision, the more difficult it is to make. But it’s the difficult decisions that can have the biggest impact on your life.


Do you know who said this? Everyone! I think everyone has said this to someone at least once (I’m sure I’ve said it more than my fair share of times). You know what?!

It’s a LOAD OF CRAP in my opinion. It’s easy to make a decision when you’re not afraid. If it was easy, than everyone would do it (another common phrase). Here’s a new phrase I want to introduce to you. It’s one I’m striving to live by:

“Everyone’s afraid, but successful people do it anyways.” 

I believe you can use this phrase in many situations, as long as you define your own outline for the word ‘successful’. For me, right now, it means free and happy. For you it could mean successful, loving, happy, adventurous, strong… It could be for a decision of asking for a raise, grinding for a promotion, starting a new job, or asking that girl from the coffee shop on a date (still haven’t mastered this one yet). Regardless, know that if it’s a difficult decision, you’re probably going to be afraid. But do it anyways.

It took me almost a year to make a difficult decision in my life. How long will it take for you?


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